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2. British Standard (W) Drill Rods :

Drill rods are manufactured to two standards the 'W' Series (EW, AW, BW, NW, HW) and the old series (E, A, B, N).
The 'W' Series rods have a larger outside diameter, an increased inside diameter and are more rigid than the 'Old' Series.

MMT drill rods are manufactured from premium cold drawn seamless steel tube.

Couplings are machined from heat treated alloy steel to withstand wear and stress to which they are prone.Standard 'W' and 'X' Series rods are flushed-coupled and a coupling is supplied with each rod length. Drill Rod Tube are Parallel Wall, Cold Drawn, Internally or Externally Upset or Shrunk and Welded as required.

All these rods confirm to BS 4019, DCDMA & Swedish Standards.
Description EW AW BW NW
  in mm in mm in mm in mm
Rod O.D. 1.37 34.9 1.72 43.7 2.12 54.0 2.62 66.7
Rod I.D. 1.00 25.4 1.39 34.1 1.75 44.4 2.25 57.1
Coupling I.D. 0.43 11.1 0.62 15.9 0.75 19.0 1.37 34.9
Threads per inch 3 3 3 3
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